GDPR compliance

Learn how to implement GDPR compliance in your organisation

This course is available with 6 months email support and a full GDPR toolkit

Course author – George Harris (Senior Data Protection Officer)
Course price – £950.00 or three monthly payments of £395.00

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What's Included?

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19 Modules - 144 lessons

The course materials are available online, on demand. No need to take time off work or travel to a classroom. Course can be taken on any device and can be done over a prolonged period.

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Learn from our experience

We have implemented GDPR in literally hundreds of organisations. The course is authored and presented by George Harris our CEO with video introductions to each module.

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Save time and money

This course is designed to enable you to implement GDPR in your organisation without having to hire external consultants. The toolkit also fast tracks documentation creation.

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Ongoing support & guidance

The course is supplied with six months of email support from one of our skilled and experienced Data Protection Officers. You can access advice and guidance as required.

What makes this course different?

We have developed this course based upon our understanding of data protection legislation and our years of experience in implementing GDPR for organisations large and small.  This experience is embedded into the course materials and the course author consistently offers you his advice and guidance as you proceed through the modules.

Our pragmatic approach to data protection compliance will enable you to address the legislation in such a way that is both understandable and relatively easy to implement.

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Module 1 - Course introduction

This module provides an overview of the course materials and also contains an introduction from the course author. The module is focussed on getting you started in your compliance project.

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Module 2 - GDPR overview

This module is designed to give you a background to data protection legislation and the overall requirements of the legislation. It also covers the penalties that can be imposed for non-compliance.

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Module 3 - Preparing for compliance

During this module we introduce the approach to initiating the compliance project and how to effectively get started. This covers initial audit, risk assessment and addressing management sponsorship.

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Module 4 - Understanding the processing

This module is focused on the importance of undertaking a Data Processing Inventory and why this is the building block of data protection compliance.

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Module 5 - Data protection principles

Data protection principles are the foundation of the legislation. This module reviews those principles and explores their specific compliance requirements.

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Module 6 - Establishing a legal basis

This module reviews how to establish a legal basis for the processing undertaken by your organisation. This is vital in demonstrating legislative compliance.

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Module 7 - Managing the retention of data

Data retention management is a significant area of data protection. Getting this right is vitally important to demonstrate compliance and reduce cyber risk.

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Module 8 - Planning & managing DSAR's

Data subject access requests (DSAR's) is a high risk area and requires planning and preparation in order to comply with data protection legislation.

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Module 9 - Planning & managing incidents

This module will enable you to adhere to the legal requirements for managing data protection incidents e.g. a data breach.

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Module 10 - Managing information security

One of the hardest areas of data protection compliance relates to how your organisation keeps data safe. This module covers the core requirements.

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Module 11 - Building a GDPR compliance framework

Demonstrating GDPR compliance is very important. This module covers how to develop a GDPR compliance framework of evidence in support of your compliance.

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Module 12 - Managing data privacy impact assessments

There are numerous legal requirements relating to the assessment of risk. This module reviews those requirements and informs you on how to comply with them.

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Module 13 - Special data categories

Data protection legislation has specific requirements that relate to special category data. This module reviews what is meant by special category data and how to comply with those requirements.

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Module 14 - Managing third parties

There are specific legal requirements surrounding the use of and the relationship with third party processors. This module covers the basics of what's required to ensure compliance with the legislation and risk reduction.

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Module 15 - Data transfer and residency

This module reviews the legal requirements surrounding the data transfer of personal data and where this data can legally reside.

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Module 16 - Data protection governance

All organisations are required to have some form of data protection governance in place. This module explores the options including engaging a Data Protection Officer.

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Module 17 - Data protection by design

Establishing data protection by design is a legal requirement. This module is focused on the approach that should be taken to implement this in your organisation.

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Module 18 - Next steps and support

This module is a basic summary of the suggested next steps to be taken in your organisation once you have completed the course. The module also covers the ongoing support that is available from Data Privacy Services.

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Module 19 - Appendix, documentation templates

This module provides access to a number of documentation templates with an explanation of what they are and when to use them. These documents allow you to fast track the completion of your compliance framework.

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Assessment and Certification

The course includes a number of multiple choice assessments based upon each of the modules. The pass grade for the course is 75%. You will also have the option to re-take the assessments as required. A certificate of achievement is emailed to you at the end of the course.

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