Data breach management

Professional data breach analysis

Data breaches can be extremely damaging to your business. 
We can help with supporting your in-house team to identify the scale and impact of the data breach so that you can take the appropriate action. Our highly skilled and trained resources use the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to review the impacted data set and forensically assess the scope of the personal data and data subjects that could be impacted.
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The latest in AI technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to forensically analyse large complex data sets.

We use the latest AI software to save huge amounts of time in what would otherwise be a large complex undertaking that would require significant resources and lots of time to complete.

AI can review any different types of data from large unstructured mailboxes to structured data in system databases. Our engineers can tune the review to pin-point personal data, impacted data subjects and look for high risk elements within the target data e.g. bank and credit card details etc.

Without AI, this type of analysis could take weeks of effort but with AI it can be done in a matter of hours depending upon the specific nature of the data set and the requirements for analysis.

This service is vital in your data breach management approach as its imperative to be able to assess

We have many years of experience in assessing the impact of data breaches and ensuring that the correct action is undertaken. 

We will assign you a dedicated incident manager for the whole duration of the  incident.

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Experienced resources

Our team of data protection and information security professionals have many years of experience in the management of data breaches.

We are able to support your in-house team to reduce the impact of a data breach and we can also provide expertise to reduce the risk of future breaches.

All of our resources are trained in both data protection and information security, skills that enable us to provide pragmatic guidance.  We are also to able to support your organisation in regulatory interaction and we will provide straightforward advice on your legal requirements when it comes to reporting and any subsequent activities.

Our day rates for data breach analysis and management services are highly competitive,  please Contact us for more information.

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Incident management

Dealing with a data breach requires a solid understanding of the legal requirements in relation to the way that you protect personal data from loss, theft or mis-use.

Failure to do so can result in significant financial penalties that could be avoided if you follow the compliant approach to incident management.

Handling a data breach is often a challenge, however it is made easier by effective preparation and planning in terms of developing a legally compliant incident management plan. 

The UK GDPR requires that all organisations have this plan in place in order to appropriately ensure that the impact to data subjects can be managed and hopefully minimised.

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Data breach management
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