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We have a highly experienced team of information / cyber security professionals that can undertake numerous activities designed to reduce your risk and improve your compliance.

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We provide a range of services

Our security professional services are charged on an agreed day rate to our clients. We support our clients to improve their security posture across a wide range of areas. Typically, this includes providing specialist consultancy designed to bridge any skills gap and supplement the internal resources that our clients have at their disposal.

One of the most popular services we provide is an information and cyber security audit.

The importance of undertaking a baseline assessment of the risk exposure present in an organisation is higher than ever.  The ever increasing risk of cyber related crime and damaging data breaches means that all organisations should at the very minimum understand their existing level of risk exposure and why those risks are present.

We can undertake multiple levels of security audit, assessing the risks across all areas of the organisation including physical security and risks associated with people, process and technology.

We develop security maturity plans for our clients.  These are designed to reduce the organisations risk exposure by mitigating the risks based upon a balance between cost and benefits.

Improving the overall security posture usually takes some time and some investment by the organisation. That said, we provde the required advice and guidance to ensure that the investment delivers the maximum benefit in terms of risk reduction.

Our experienced team work with different types and sizes of organisations.  However, our approach is always the same, it’s based upon pragmatism and effective risk management.

Our services are designed to operate at the highest level in our clients organisation.  We provide ‘CISO as a service’ to enable our clients to benefit from a resource with years of experience without having to hire a permanent full time resource.  A solution that is more cost effective and better value.

We also provide security management at more granular levels, from security analysts to ethical hackers and many roles in between.  We support the client to bridge gaps in skills and experience either on an ad-hoc basis or via the supply of contract or permanent resources (see our recruitment services).

Security management is at the heart of our business, we assist our clients to greatly reduce their exposure to threats and improve their management of vulnerabilities.

Many organisations struggle to understand how to develop a security strategy that is fit for the modern digital ways of working. They also struggle with aligning such a strategy in support of business development.

Our senior resources are experienced in developing security strategies that are designed specifically for the client and their associated objectives.  There is little point is developing a strategy for information security that has no positive outcome on business performance.

A robust but pragmatic strategy for information and cyber security is imperative to ensure that an organisation complies with legal and regulatory requirements.  It is also vital to ensure that such a strategy isn’t standalone but directly supports improved ways of working and business productivity.

Having cyber security insurance is becoming an increasingly important requirement. Most organisations are not ready to meet the insurance companies criteria for obtaining cover.

Our consultancy is designed to provide our clients with the necessary support they need to understand the criteria and how to ensure that they meet that criteria.

The value add to this service is that we strive to not only enable the client to be insured but also reduce their insurance premium.

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Experts in technology

Can technology keep my information safe?

The simple answer to this is ‘no’ not on its own.  People and processes are also very important to ensure that information is kept safe in a modern work place.

However, technology can have a significant impact on your organisations security posture, assuming that you buy the right technology, configure it appropriately and ultimately use it for maximum benefit.

Our resources are skilled and experienced in many different security technologies, having implemented such technologies in large companies across the globe. We can undertake procurement and implementation consultancy for many types of security requirements.

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Security certifications

Does my organisation need a security certification?

This isn’t a simple answer, as it depends what your organisation actually does in relation to information and the category of that information.

Most organisations should strive for some form of certification.  The rationale for this opinion is based upon the growing requirement to check if suppliers and future suppliers are competent when is comes to managing data security.  There are legal requirements for this and this is resulting in lengthy questionnaires and difficulties in demonstrating a robust security status.

Being certified in ISO27001 for example removes a lot of this overhead and has proven commercial benefit.

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