Why is Data Protection important in the office

April 28, 2023

If you have ever asked yourself “Why is data protection important in the office” you’ve come to the right place. 

The Situation

It seems every few months there’s another story about some horrific data breach at a large company whereby countless customers have their private data stolen by hackers. With more people than ever working remotely these days, and with AI-designed malware and viruses an emergent threat, the issue of data privacy is taking on new urgency. 

Below we will look at those and other issues that drive home the point about the importance of data protection.

5 Reasons to Stress Data Protection in the Office

#1: Data protection is the law

Brexit did not absolve UK companies from having to adhere to GDPR regulations. All that happened was that the UK adopted its own version of the GDPR that for all intents and purposes is identical to the old EU data protection regulations. Failing to adhere to the UK GDPR rules can lead to punishing sanctions that set you back years.

#2: People make mistakes

Every business owner wants to believe that his or her staff will adhere to both the letter and the spirit of data protection guidelines every day, in everything they do. But even the best of us make mistakes. With so many people working remotely now the odds of personal data being handled sloppily are greater than ever.

#3: Disgruntled employees

Disgruntled employees are a breed apart. Many are hell-bent on exacting revenge on a company they feel has wronged them in some way. An unhappy employee with access to customer data is a time bomb waiting to explode. There must be robust protocols in place that prevent the disgruntled from wreaking havoc.

#4: AI

There have already been examples of people with no coding experience leveraging an AI programme like ChatGPT to create devastating malware and viruses. Imagine what will happen when experienced hackers get hold of such programmes? The possibilities are frightening and point to the need for ever more potent data protection efforts.

#5: Your reputation

If word gets out that a hacker was able to make off with your customers’ private data it could ruin a reputation you spent years carefully constructing.

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