What does a Cyber Security Manager do?

May 24, 2023

Businesses, institutions and governments at every level need to have a plan in place to deal with cyber attacks. The person responsible for working with senior management to develop and implement that plan is the Cyber Security Manager.  

But the responsibilities of the Cyber Security Manager don’t stop there. They are also tasked with developing and implementing strategies aimed at protecting all the company’s key digital assets from breaches and potential threats both external and internal.

Additional Responsibilities of the Cyber Security Manager

The following are some other examples of the responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of the Cyber Security Manager:

  • Risk assessment: The Cyber Security Manager is expected to conduct regular risk assessments and to adjust policies and procedures to adapt to emerging threats.
  • Incident response: The Cyber Security Manager is expected to devise an incident response strategy and to coordinate company-wide efforts to mitigate any threat and prevent future threats from manifesting.
  • Awareness training: In order for staff members to be able to identify and report potential threats they need awareness training. The Cyber Security Manager is tasked with providing that training.
  • Ensuring compliance: The UK GDPR is a massive piece of legislation that is rigorously enforced by the government. The Cyber Security Manager’s job is to ensure compliance.
  • Cyber security oversight: The job also calls on the Cyber Security Manager to provide oversight of the company’s cyber activity, including analyzing security logs and leading the emergency response to any incidents. 
  • Evaluating new technologies: Digital security technology is constantly evolving and it is up to the Cyber Security Manager to assess these new technologies and to oversee their implementation when appropriate.

Where Will You Find Cyber Security Managers?

Cyber Security Managers are found in a variety of businesses and organizations including healthcare, finance, high tech as well as in all types of government agencies. And with the potential for new and devastating cyber threats being driven by the advent of AI their work has never been more challenging or more important.

Cyber Security Management as a Service

Hiring a full-time Cyber Security Manager can be a major expense which is why Data Privacy Services offer Cyber Security Management as a service. Our Cyber Security Professionals are the best around while our service enables budget-conscious organisations to meet their cyber security responsibilities without going broke in the process. To learn more, contact Data Privacy Services on 084 5838 7094.

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