Top 3 reasons to achieve an ISO27001 certification

August 23, 2022

Top 3 Reasons to Achieve an ISO27001 Certification

There are significant commercial benefits for certified organisations

Organisations that are certified to IS027001 can demonstrate that they have a secure system in place for managing the security of their information.

There is an increasing requirement to be able to demonstrate this when tendering for new contracts, especially with larger customers. Having the certification will provide your organisation with a competitive advantage over your competitors that aren’t able to demonstrate this.

Note – the legal reality is that customers must complete the necessary due-diligence on their suppliers, especially those that may process data that they are the legal data controller of. There has been a growing awareness of this within the procurement profession and this has been highlighted further since the GDPR came into force in 2018.

ISO27001 certification will reduce your organisations risk of a data breach

Having this certification will not necessarily reduce your organisations risk of having a cyber-attack. However, it will reduce the risk exposure related to cyber-attacks, specifically relating to the potential impact of such attacks.

ISO27001 consists of several security controls, many of these are designed to help prevent such attacks in the first place but also mitigate their impact on the maintenance of information availability, integrity and confidentiality.

Note – ISO27001 certification can have a direct positive commercial impact on the organisation by reducing the financial and reputational risk exposure relating to data breaches.

You can check out your current security posture using our Information Security self-assessment Tool found on our website.

ISO27001 certification introduces a ‘best practice’ target operating model

ISO27001 compliance is focussed on the implementation and management of a ‘best practice approach’ to information security management. In pragmatic terms this means that:

  • Effective and efficient processes are implemented for the management of key business processes that are directly involved or aligned to information security management. These processes are backed up by proven policies and procedures that drive and steer these processes within various business functions
  • People are made more aware of information security requirements and how to ensure that they not only meet the organisations obligations to keep information safe but also crucially their own individual obligations.
  • Technology is at the heart of a ISO27001 information security management system. Becoming certified can drive efficient and modern technology implementation and adoption.

If you would like to know more about how to become ISO27001 compliant we would be happy to have a free consultation call.

Note – We also offer flexible payment terms over eight months to assist with your cashflow requirements.

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