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Professional DSAR management

Managing Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR’s) is often highly complex and can take a significant amount of time and resources. 

We provide a service that is designed to remove the overhead on your internal team which enables you to continue your normal day to day business activities.

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Let technology do the work

Artificial Intellegence (AI)

The main problem with managing a DSAR is that the data subjects data is typically spread across a multitude of digital systems.

Manually searching for this information is often too difficult and time consuming. Even with some eDiscovery tools this can still be too complex and difficult to complete.

We use specialist DSAR management tools based upon the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

The technology can drastically reduce the the time and cost of completing the request.

Outsourcing the collation of information and redaction will significantly reduce the workload on internal resources and ensure that your business as usual operations are not negatively impacted.

Using our services ensures that your organisation complies with the required data protection legislation in relation to the requirements of Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR’s).

We have an experienced team of resources who are used to managing these types of requests and understand the technicalities involved. Outsourcing to us removes this overhead on your internal team.

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Qualified resources

Our team consists of fully qualified Data Protection Officers. We are highly experienced in the management of DSAR’s, from the initial request through to the delivery of the information.

We also provide the manual review of the data before this is collated and sent to the data subject. This is a highly skilled role, as it is vital to ensure that the rights and freedoms of other individuals are not compromised during the delivery of the request.

We also can scale the resource requirements at fairly short notice, enabling you to meet the stringent timelines required under the data protection legislation.

Overall, our skilled resources ensure that your organisation is able to focus on its normal business activities, leaving the us to manage the DSAR.

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Redaction services

Most DSAR’s require the removal of other individuals personal data. This requirement is called ‘redaction’ and is vital to ensure that the rights and freedoms of other people are not compromised during the delivery of the request.

Redaction is very time consuming if this is done manually. It can also often result in personal data being inadvertently exposed if the method of redaction is of low quality.

We use the latest  software to redact personal data from the DSAR data set.  Note – this is the same software used by most Police forces in the UK. This provides a huge saving in time for your internal resources and allows the DSAR to be dealt with in the timescale required by the legislation.

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