Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Become a fully trained Data Protection Officer (DPO)

This course is supplied with free email support for 6 months from one of our qualified and experienced DPO’s

Course author – George Harris (CEO and Senior Data Protection Officer)
*Course is £450.00 or 3 monthly installments of £185.00.

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What's Included?

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8 Modules - 59 lessons

The course includes video introductions to each module by the course author. There is an assessment after each module and certificate of achievement is awarded if you pass the course.

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Learning from our experience

The content is based upon the certified curriculum for a Data Protection Officer. It also benefits from the years of experience that Data Privacy Services have in supporting our DPO customers.

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Pragmatic advice & guidance

The course covers legislative requirements but it also provides the student with the pragmatic advice and guidance needed to be a Data Protection Officer in the modern workplace.

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Ongoing support & assistance

The course is supplied with 6 months free email support from our team of Data Protection Officers. This is an additional benefit to the student, especially when they are adjusting to their role.

What makes this course valuable?

There are statutory requirements to adhere to when operating as a Data Protection Officer (DPO).  This course enables the student to fulfil the legal requirement to be trained in the role of a Data Protection Officer.

On a more practical point, the course has been written by a highly experienced Data Protection Officer who has worked with hundreds of different organisations across many geographical and legislative boundaries.  His knowledge and expertise is engrained into the course notes and the video introductions that he provides.

In addition, the option to reach out for help and assistance post course completion is highly valuable and many people find that they struggle to understand the legal requirements and how these should be applied in a moden digital workplace.

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Module 1 - Course introduction

This module is basically an introduction to the course provided by the course author. It also covers the suggested prerequisites that apply.

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Module 2 - About the legislation

This module covers the background to data protection legislation and how this relates to the role of the Data Protection Officer.

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Module 3 - Role of the DPO

The student needs to understand the basics of the role and what this involves in today's modern and often complex workplace.

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Module 4 - Justification for a DPO

This module is focused on the legal and often best practice justification to have a DPO within the organisation. Covers the legal criteria and best practice justification.

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Module 5 - Managing compliance

This module is designed to demonstrate the role of the DPO in managing ongoing compliance within the organisation and what this means in relation to the artefacts required.

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Module 6 - Incidents & data breaches

A DPO has to be prepared to manage incidents and know exactly what's required when one occurs, this includes the actions to undertake in the event of a data breach.

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Module 7 - DSAR's and DPIA's

A DPO needs to understand how to handle Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR's) and undertake risk assessments on the risk to data protection (e.g. DPIA's).

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Module 8 - Next steps

This module covers what is typically required when the student completes the training and how to go about addressing compliance.

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