Data protection awareness

Data protection training to improve awareness and improve compliance

This course provides the basic understanding of data protection needed for compliance purposes.  It is designed for organisations that need to train their staff in GDPR.

Course author – George Harris (CEO and Senior Data Protection Officer)
*Course is available from £10.00 per person per year (Contact us for bulk purchases)

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What's Included?

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4 Modules - 27 lessons

Course provides an overview of data protection legislation and how this is applied to the workplace. Course content is available online, on any device and is supplied with a certificate upon completion.

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Ensuring compliance

The course content introduces the fundamentals of data protection legislation along with the core principles that need to be applied within a typical organisation.

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Rights and obligations

The course content reviews individuals rights with regards to data protection. It also focuses on the obligations that individuals have in an organisation to maintain the confidentiality of peoples data.

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Access to our mobile app

The training can be done on any device. We also have our own mobile app where users can enroll and access the training via their mobile phone and download their certificate.

Why do organisations have to provide this type of training?

Data protection legislation (e.g. the UK General Data Protection Regulation along  with the Data Protection Act 2018) requires that an organisation does ‘everything in its power’ to ensure that data is kept safe.  That said, there is an implied legal requirement to ensure that they train their employees in data protection. 

Failure to train employees is considered negligent, especially if this results in any form of a data breach where the data protection regulator becomes involved.

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Module 1 - Course introduction

This module covers the background to the legislation, roles and responsibilities and why this legislation is important in the workplace.

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Module 2 - Core principles

It is vital that employees are fully aware of the core principles of data protection. Failure to comply with these principles can result in the severest financial penalties.

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Module 3 - Rights and obligations

Employees need to be aware of their rights and the rights of others when it comes to the protection of data. Module also covers workplace employee obligations.

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Module 4 - Maintaining compliance

This module reviews how employees need to support the maintenance of data protection compliance within the modern digital workplace.

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Data protection awareness
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