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Data Privacy Services is an established data protection and information security consultancy that provides a range of professional services including cyber security as a service and a range of other security related services.

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The risk of cyber-attacks are on the increase


The current threat of cybercrime is likely to significantly increase over the coming years.

However, the risk is already very high, over 80% off organisations admitted that they had been the victim of a successful cyber-attack in the previous 12 months.

Cybercrime is driven by organised crime and rogue states, all of which is designed to disrupt our businesses, steal our data or hold us to ransom.

Whoever the perpetrator is, they are becoming more intelligent in their methods and their success rate is improving.  Artificial intelligence is also playing a part in this heightened threat level.

Why outsource cyber security to us?

There are many proven benefits of outsourcing this role.

Our cyber security service packages

Level 1

£99.00 per month + VAT

Our Level 1 package, priced at £99.00 per month + VAT, offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure your organisation is better prepared and more resilient to cyber-attacks. Onboarding is easy and straightforward. Here’s what you get when you subscribe to this package:

This Level 1 package is designed to provide a solid foundation for organisations looking to improve their cyber security resilience whilst keeping their costs as low as possible.

With the expertise of a certified cyber security professional, your organisation can be more confident that they have access to the skills and expertise they need should a successful attack occur.

Level 2

£325.00 per month + VAT

Our Level 2 package, available at £325.00 per month + VAT, is designed for organisations seeking a more engaged and detailed approach to managing their cyber security posture. This plan builds on the foundational services offered in Level 1. Here’s a closer look at what’s included in the Level 2 package:

The Level 2 package is ideal for organisations that are looking for a more hands-on approach to cyber security, with regular meetings, additional support for the cyber security improvement plan, and a comprehensive information security policy.

With this package, your organisation is likely to reduce their risk of a successful cyber attack and the financial and reputation damage that could occur.

Data Privacy Services

Engage a dedicated cyber security professional.

By engaging a dedicated cyber security professional from our team, you’re benefitting from their years of experience and knowledge of cyber security management.

Most small to medium sized organisations cannot afford to hire a full-time resource to help them with this highly complex area of risk management.  Even if the budget is available, these resources are highly sought after and very difficult to find.

To start with, we will need to know what you have done to date to mitigate the risk of cyber-related crime.

An audit forms this baseline assessment and from this, we can build up a picture of the typical gaps that need to be filled to lower your risk profile.

We then take a risk based approach to advise you on what needs to be done to make you more cyber resilient in the short to medium term.  We will work alongside your existing team to achieve this objective.

We can also provide you with additional services, technologies that will directly reduce your risk of a successful attack and also enable you to recover fast if one should occur.

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