Cyber security as a service

Protect your organisation from cyber attacks and malicious behaviour.

We provide highly skilled cyber security professionals to support your organisation to reduce risk from cyber related crime.  Our service is designed for all sizes and types of organisations, enabling them to bridge their skills gap whilst keeping their costs as low as possible.
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What do we do?

Our skilled and experienced cyber security professionals provide you with the support you need to reduce your risk exposure to cyber related crime.

We work with your existing team to assess risk and provide the advice and guidance you need to mitigate the potential of a damaging data breach.

Our service is provided on three different levels with additional technical solutions that are all designed to reduce cyber risk.

Over 80% of organisations have admitted that they have suffered some form of data breach within the last 12 months.

The threat of a damaging data breach is on the increase, cyber criminals are actively looking to disrupt your business, steal your data or hold you to ransom.

More and more of your customers are checking on your security status.  We are sure that your already receive many security questionnaires, however this is now becoming a mandatory requirement to do business.  Our team at Data Privacy Services can support you with all aspects of information and cyber security.

Why should you outsource cyber security to DPS?

Our team of professionals are accredited and have many years of experience in providing advice and guidance to our customers, including the completion of security questionnaires.

Hiring cyber security professionals is often ‘beyond the reach’ of many organisations.  The availability of such resources is low and they generally attract a high salary.

Our flexible services allow you to have access to these skills for an affordable cost, reducing your risk exposure in the process.

How do we reduce your cyber risk?

All of our service levels give our customers access to skills and expertise that otherwise would be absent from their organisation.

This is vital in developing an effective cyber resilience strategy and plan.  Should the worst happen, we are on hand to guide you through the incident management process, reducing your risk exposure and mitigating the overall outcome.

Our customers are better prepared should an incident occur.  However, we focus on prevention and establishing a more cyber resilient posture.

Can we guarantee cyber security for your organisation?

The simple answer to this question is ‘no’.  Cyber crime is a constant threat, it is usually a matter of ‘when,’ not ‘if’ a data breach will occur.

That said, our approach is designed to reduce that risk exposure and if the worst happens, reduce the resulting damage.

No serious cyber security professional will state that they can remove any chance of a cyber attack being successful.  The key is to be as prepared as possible and mitigate the exposure to a minimum.

Onboarding is easy

Onboarding Data Privacy Services as your cyber security partner is not a difficult task.

We like to keep it as simple as possible, it normally takes no longer than a week to commence the risk reduction activities.

Once onboarded, our role is to quickly get a solid understanding of your current cyber security status and to establish a plan for resolving any gaps.

We start with an information and cyber security audit

All of our cyber security as a service levels include an initial online information and cyber security audit.

This allows us to assess your current risks and provide the advice and guidance you need to make improvements.

The audit is conducted during the onboarding procedure.

Incident management planning and response

All service levels include a documented incident management plan and response actions.

The plan is designed to ensure that you are properly set up to manage a security and data protection related incident.  We also include an incident log for tracking and managing incidents.

Provision of security awareness online training

All customers are supplied with access to our online security awareness training.

This fulfils the legal requirement to train your staff and also reduces the risks associated with a lack of awareness of basic security best practice.

Pricing tiers

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Level 1

£ 99.00
  • Entry level service for small organisations. This allows you to gain free access to a cyber security professional as and when you need it. Also includes incident management, security awareness training and an initial security audit. Preferential rates are given for other services.

Level 2

£ 325.00
  • As per level 1 with additional services.. This is for small to medium sized organisations, and provides you with up to 2 hours of dedicated cyber security time per month including a monthly meeting to manage the cyber security plan along with support to implement policies and tooling.

Level 3

£ 795.00
  • As per level 2 with additional services. This is is the most popular level of service, for medium sized organisations. Provides up to 6 hours of dedicated cyber security time per month including monthly meeting and annual audit. Includes more flexibility to improve your security posture.

A cyber security team you can trust

Our goal is to reduce your likelihood of a damaging data breach

As we all are aware, damaging data breaches are on the increase.  Organisations need to ensure that they are adequately prepared and ready to reduce there impact.

We cannot guarantee that our clients won’t have a breach, that’s simply impossible to one hundred percent mitigate against.  However, we can guarantee that after you engage and work with us, you’ll be less likely to have a breach and better prepared to recover should one occur.

Our clients trust us to support their operational teams and existing IT support functions.  Most managed IT service providers are not cyber security experts.  Our service supplements their skills and together we will improve your overall cyber security posture.

All the advice and support you need

We provide advice, guidance and support for all of your cyber security incidents

All of our customers are able to log an incident with us so that they can get expert assistance to manage a cyber security incident.  We have an online customer portal that is accessible whatever the service level (e.g. levels 1, 2, and 3).

Levels 2 and 3 customers are able to access our cyber security professionals and have meetings to discuss specific incidents or the general security improvement plan.  Level 1 customers can also do this on request, benefiting from their preferential hourly rates.

Our objective is to reduce our customers cyber risk exposure.  The security improvement plan is a joint plan that we establish with our customers and assist with and monitor its delivery.

Our customers find it easier to obtain cyber security insurance as they are better prepared, overall more secure and ultimately present a lower insurance risk which can result in more advantageous premiums.

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