CISO as a service

Outsource your security management requirements

We provide a cost effective option to hiring a highly skilled and experienced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

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What do we provide?

We provide highly skilled and experienced Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) for organsiations that are looking to outsource this role.

Our resources are accredited in ISO27001 and other security frameworks including Cyber Essentials and NIST.

Our resources are a cost effective solution for the growing requirement to manage information security. Use our skills and expertise to reduce the threat of a cyber attack and potential data breaches. Our resources will also respond to customer questions and questionnaires.

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Why you need the service?

Customers are increasingly asking detailed questions about your information and cyber security management status.  There are increasing legislative requirements that organisations have to meet which require evidence of due-diligence within their supply network.

Our service is designed to:

  • Provide a cost effective option to hiring a full time member of staff
  • Develop a plan for your organisation in terms of its desired security posture
  • Offer senior level consultancy to reduce your organisations exposure to cyber threats and increase your risk management maturity level

Pricing tiers

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Level 1

£ 395
00 (+VAT)
  • Entry level service that provides up to 4 hours of advice and guidance per month from your appointed dedicated CISO.

Level 2

£ 795
00 (+ VAT)
  • The most popular level of service that provides up to 8 hours of Security consultancy from your appointed dedicated CISO.

Level 3

  • We offer a fully bespoke CISO as a service for your information and cyber security senior management requirements.

A CISO you can trust

Our CISO's have the depth of experience and the skills that you need

Hiring a full time CISO is an expensive undertaking.  For small and medium sized businesses it is likely to be unaffordable.  However, the risks posed to small and medium sized organisations are the same as they are for larger organisations.

That said, these risks have to be managed and also small to medium sized organisations have to be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of security to their client base.  

There is a growing need to complete security questionnaires, provide robust policies and procedures and be able to evidence of this to prospective new clients.

Our objective it to help our customers grow their business whilst keeping them safe from cyber attacks and other threats.

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Know your risk

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All the security expertise you'll need

Outsource your security management role To Data Privacy Services

Our CISO as a service facility provides three levels of service.  These depend upon the time your organisation requires from the CISO each month.

Typically our CISO services include:

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